Control when your little one wakes up.
From your phone.

Meet Moonman. A smart nightlight for your child that helps you reclaim your morning.


Get more sleep. Give more sleep.

Moonman is a sleep training night light that you control with your phone. When the light is blue, your toddler knows to stay in bed. When it's orange, it means it's okay to get up.

Stay in Bed
Okay to Get Up

Get Your Extra Half Hour

Did they miss a nap yesterday? Set a recurring schedule, but override it on-demand and reclaim your morning.

Check on Them at Night

Get home late, or just want to check on them? Use the App to dial up the brightness of Moonman before you enter their room.

Not an Alarm Clock

Moonman lets your child know when it's okay to get up, but it never wakes them. And there's no buttons or controls on Moonman, so they can't override your settings.

Super Easy Setup

Just plug in Moonman, download the free App, connect, and you're good.